Frequently Asked ELT Questions

The following questions and answers relate to the pricing details of Georgia's electronic lien and title program and the Georgia Division of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division. After reading through our Georgia Electronic Lien and Title FAQs, should you still have questions, please call 1 (888) 675-7477 or write to us.

  • What is the cost to request a printed title?

    The Georgia Department of Revenue charges $0.75 (75 cents) for each electronic title that is printed. We pass that same $0.75 charge through to you when you request a printed title within Southern ELT.

  • What is the cost to manage each lien within Southern ELT?

    There is a fee for each lien processed and managed through Southern ELT. This transaction fee is charged one time at the time the Southern ELT system receives your lien from the Georgia DOR. There are no additional fees to pay for viewing lien information in the Southern ELT system throughout the life of the lien, with the exception of a $0.75 DOR pass-through fee to release the electronic lien and also to print the electronic title. The DOR fees are pass-through fees that we charge you and immediately traansfer to the Department of Revenue. Please view the pricing page for more pricing details.

  • Why is there a cost to use Southern ELT for each lien?

    Southern ELT provides a secure web interface for you to comply with the DOR - MVD mandate that requires Georgia lienholders to manage liens electronically. You are paying for the ability to store, manage, view and release each lien, as well as optionally request a printed copy of the title associated with the lien. We maintain the electronic lien for you within our system while the lien is active and for a period of time afterwards giving you long term easy access to account history and business records. A portion of the fees paid for service are routed to the DOR as pass-through fees and are used to maintain ongoing compliance with Georgia Department of Revenue ELT Electronic Lien and title system requirements. Your Southern ELT account also includes loads of useful features like dynamic charts and reports, monthly statements, multi-user management settings, and account settings to give you more control over your electronic liens and titles.

  • Is there a cost for customer support?

    There is no cost for friendly customer support.

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