Georgia Electronic Lien and Title

As with all products and services we offer, Southern ELT provides electronic lien and title service at the most reasonable cost to you.

The transaction amount is charged when the DOR - MVD sends the lien to our electronic lien and title system. The fee includes all Department of Revenue charges related to the transfer of the lien from the DOR to the Southern ELT system, complete account management and access to of all your Georgia electronic liens and titles.

Transaction Type Transaction Fees
Incoming Lien Our fee: $4.25
plus Georgia DOR mandated fee of: $0.75
Lien Release
(with Regular Shipping)
Our fee: $0.50
plus Georgia DOR mandated fee of: $0.75
Title Print Request Our fee: $2.00
plus Georgia DOR mandated fee of: $8

There are other less common transactions, such as reporting an error to the DOR or requesting a correction to a lien. The Georgia DOR mandates a fee when these transactions occur, so your account will be charged a fee of $1.25. A major portion of this fee is passed through to the DOR - MVD by us on your behalf.

General Account Management Features

  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Smart-search tool to find specific customers and liens
  • In-depth reporting to help you keep track of your electronic liens
  • Status reports on new liens, existing liens, released liens and printed titles
  • Grant different user rights within the system
  • Clear accounting of all past transactions
  • Simple billing system with auto-replenish as an option
  • Top notch, knowledgeable, reliable 24/7 support
  • Very (yes, very) user-friendly system
  • Used by In-State and Out-of-State Georgia lienholders

Lien Management Features from Georgia ELT

  • Access the electronic lien record
  • Request corrections from the DMV (if any) to the lien
  • Securely release the lien when it's paid off
  • Request a printed title by mail from the Georgia DMV
electronic lien and title electronic lien and title electronic lien and title