Frequently Asked ELT Questions

Electronic Lien and Title in Georgia has many elements that may be challenging at times for vehicle lienholders to fully grasp. The following questions and answers include general questions lienholders often have about the electronic lien and title system in Georgia. It should help clarify the basic procedures and concepts of our Southern ELT electronic lien and title program. After reading through our Georgia Electronic Lien and Title FAQs, should you still have questions, please call 1 (888) 675-7477 or write to us.

*Please note that some of these questions and answers have been created with the assistance of the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division and represent Southern ELT's understanding of the way the Georgia DOR - MVD intends for the Georgia Electronic Lien and Title system to function. They are provided as a general guide but should not be relied on as a substitute for your counsel. Please consult with the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division (DOR MVD) website and attorney to clarify any outstanding questions or queries and to check for updated policies. You can rely on the Southern ELT system always being up-to-date and fully 100% compliant with Georgia DOR - MVD ELT rules.

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