Frequently Asked ELT Questions

The following questions and answers relate to vehicle financing and lienholder industry lingo, jargon, terminology and definitions of words and phrases. After reading through our Georgia Electronic Lien and Title FAQs, should you still have questions, please call 1 (888) 675-7477 or write to us.

  • What is an electronic title (e-title) in Georgia?

    An electronic title in Georgia refers to the document/instrument that proves ownership of a motor vehicle, mobile home, or vessel in the exact same way that a paper title proves ownership. As of January 2013 the Georgia DOR - MVD transitioned to a Southern ELT system that requires many lienholders to store and manage the liens placed on titles to vehicles, vessels and mobile homes electronically. The number of liens you've placed in the last 12 months dictates when you need to be ELT compliant by. Call us at 1 (888) 675-7477 or write to us to find out the registration deadline for your business.

  • What is an electronic lien (e-lien) in Georgia?

    An electronic lien in Georgia refers to a lien on a vehicle, vessel, or mobile home that is stored in digital format on our secure servers. Prior to using the Georgia electronic lien and title system, lienholder information was printed on the paper title.

  • What is an Electronic Lien Title (ELT)?

    An Electronic Lien Title, also referred to as ELT, refers to a title (to a motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel) that is stored electronically on our servers that also has a lien attached to it.

  • What is an ELT Lienholder?

    An ELT lienholder is a business that manages its liens electronically with the Georgia Electronic Lien and Title system, Southern ELT.

  • What is the difference between an electronic title (e-title) and an Electronic Lien Title?

    A Georgia electronic title is a title that is stored electronically. An Electronic Lien Title is a title that is stored electronically that also has a lien attached to it.

  • Is Southern ELT the same as Georgia Electronic Lien and Title?

    Southern ELT is our company name. Georgia Electronic Lien and Title is the name that the Georgia Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division uses to refer to the regulation requiring businesses that finance vehicles in Georgia to store their liens and titles in electronic format. Southern ELT serves the purpose of providing businesses with Georgia Electronic Lien and Title service.

  • Is ELT the same as Southern ELT?

    ELT is an acronym for Electronic Lien and Title. Southern ELT is the name of our business that provides businesses that finance vehicles in Georgia with the ability to store vehicle liens and vehicle titles electronically.

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